A Warm and Gentle Light, Like Visiting a Friend’s Home

This design is for the world’s first flagship store of the Paris-based fashion brand “PATOU”. Welcoming Guillaume Henry as the Artistic Director, the store’s design incorporates Japan’s exquisite sensibility into the worldview of the fashion house established on the Île de la Cité in Paris, creating a space that represents the new DNA of PATOU.

Embodying PATOU’s worldview, the store’s design concept is feminine and charming, elegant yet friendly, special yet simple. It is not about a luxury world aimed at the affluent, but a cozy, comfortable space like when visiting a friend’s home.

The lighting plan was carefully designed to welcome customers with a warm and gentle atmosphere. The simple yet refined space filled with soft light embodies the timeless design and speciality of Mr. Guillaume Henry.

The soft, gentle nature of indirect lighting welcomes visitors. Through the use of repeated reflections and light rich in the pink spectrum, the space enhances both the beauty and feminine impression of visitors’ complexion.

2022 / Tokyo

Architectural Design: Office Shogo Onodera

Lighting Design: DAISUKI LIGHT

Photography: Akito Goto