Light that Accompanies

“Ichijo-Toma” upholds the theme of “A Life with the Comforting Beauty of Japan,” valuing the wisdom cultivated in Japanese culture and materials that have been cherished over a long period, proposing a lifestyle that allows one to accumulate mental and physical nourishment while living.

“The Comforting Beauty of Japan” – we believe it means meticulous consideration for the inhabitants’ feelings, reaching every corner. With careful attention to light, a sense of security is born, freeing both body and mind, and nurturing the spirit for tomorrow.

The theme for lighting is “A Light that Accompanies”.

At the entrance, the light gently illuminates with a “welcome back” greeting. The light adds color and vibrancy in the dining room where the family gathers. Like the light of a flame that unwinds the heart, it encourages endless conversation between spouses after the children have gone to bed. The light maintains a close relationship with the inhabitants as it accompanies them throughout the home. Subtle acts of consideration expressed through lighting are meant to heal the heart and express affection.

Another aspect of the theme is acknowledging the natural companionship between people and light. Spending a night in nature under the comfort of the stars provides relief and rest for the heart, which we believe enhances our “sensibility”. Feeling the warmth of handmade wood, sensing the elegance of arranged flowers. A calming moment before sleep slowly removes the fatigue of the day and stores nourishment for tomorrow.

We aimed not for a simply “beautiful space”, but for a space that enhances the sensibility of the people living in it. Discovering beautiful things in daily life, living while savoring them, and feeling the beauty in what is nurtured there – we believe this mindset is the “Comforting Beauty of Japan.”

When returning home, a light gently illuminates with a, "Welcome back." The light slowly turns on from the entrance hall to the dining and living areas, warmly greeting the household members.
Light adds color and vibrancy to the family dynamic. Indirect lighting gently envelops the dining area. By adding the wavelength of red to the light source in pendant lights, it softens the family's expressions and makes the food look extra appetizing.
In the living room, there's the “light of a flame that unwinds the heart.” Enjoying conversations, reading books, savoring a drink under the calm light. Eliminating exposure to bright light at bedtime leads to a more comfortable sleep.
The washroom and bedroom are like those in a hotel. It is important to create an atmosphere that uplifts the mood.
The bathroom light gently illuminates at night. It is a light that is not too bright, even if used after waking up in the middle of the night.

2021 / Tokyo

Architectural Design: Koo0 Architects

Lighting Design: DAISUKI LIGHT

Photography: Akito Goto