A New Retro

The Aoyama Gakuin Kaikan, built in 1968, has been renovated into a café and restaurant after more than 50 years. The first floor of this Aoyama Gakuin Kaikan was once a beloved wedding salon, equipped with a chapel and banquet hall familiar to the alumni of Aoyama Gakuin. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ivy Hall was unfortunately temporarily closed, but it has made a fresh start as a dining and retail space open to the city.

With the desire to create a place that deepens the camaraderie between alumni and students, a retro atmosphere fitting the tradition of the Aoyama Gakuin Kaikan, along with a freshness acceptable to current students, was sought. “Retro” means to nostalgically remember the good old things. Unfortunately, the original chapel has been disassembled, but efforts were made to embed elements that trigger memories for the visiting couples who were married here. Additionally, there was a desire to preserve stories that can be told to the next generation of students who may not know of the chapel’s existence.

Here, the design is sprinkled with traces from the original chapel, including stained glass, chandeliers, and other lighting fixtures, benches, and reliefs that were previously used, preserving the atmosphere of a space that feels both new and nostalgically familiar, as if it has always been here. This space is designed to connect generations, allowing for moments that may lead one to spontaneously think of weddings or learn about the past from conversations with the staff. By opening up to the city, it is hoped that this facility will not only be cherished by the university’s alumni but also by the local community, regaining its former vibrancy.

Chapel of Ivy Hall 「Holy」

Chakafedo (“café”). The lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and brackets were once used in a chapel. By not only simply continuing the use of these fixtures, but intentionally appreciating the time they have already served, we believe they can be reborn and create new stories for the next generation.
The stained glass was originally placed at the chapel's altar and watched over the departure of newlywed couples. Now, it watches over new beginnings at this place.
TOKYO FANTASTIC Botanical. Fresh flowers are indispensable for weddings, aren't they? They brighten up the interior with their elegance.
The glamorous light from the chandeliers uplifts and entertains us. Of course, the food, plates, and cutlery also reflect many small light sources, which complement Western cuisine very well.
We aim to create a shop that feels both new and nostalgically familiar, as if it has always been here.

2021 / Tokyo

Architectural Design: Shimizu Corporation

Interior Design: Field Four Design Office

Lighting Design: DAISUKI LIGHT

Photography: Akito Goto