Feeling the future

The project was to renovate one room in the “Coop Olympia”, a 58-year-old apartment building located in front of Meiji Shrine. The owner of the room wished for a traditional Japanese-style living space that nonetheless makes the inhabitants “feel the future”.

Rather than emulating the concept of a conventionally futuristic home as predicted in sci-fi movies set in the year 20XX, we focused on capturing the enduring spirit of Japanese culture and hospitality, which will likely remain unchanged both now and in the future.

Let us not “chase the future” but rather “look towards a future where we cherish what is most important”.

The concept is, “light that accompanies”, invoking an experience similar to visiting a Japanese inn, where the innkeeper personally welcomes guests and pays meticulous attention to every detail in the space. We believe it is the sense of security born from this attention to detail that embodies the unchanging comfort of a Japanese home, even in the future.

To express the idea of a light that accompanies inhabitants, we designed the lighting to turn on gently and automatically at the moment one returns home, enters a room, goes into the bathroom, or opens a storage door. By eliminating the need to press a switch, the lighting creates an impression that warmly says, “Welcome home,” and “Thank you for your hard work today.” We believe the light of Japanese hospitality that accompanies our daily lives is encapsulated in these types of subtle acts of consideration.


A gentle light reminiscent of a large moon envelops the space. The shape is inspired by celestial bodies from the ley lines of Meiji Shrine and Omotesando and represents the form of the Japanese spirit. It enriches the imagination by its absence, the ever-expanding circle of the future.
The lighting plan incorporates the philosophy of the five elements. The triangle represents fire, or the light of a family gathering around a fire. Pure forms of circles and triangles are integrated into the plan as symbols of eternity.
Upon returning home, the "Welcome home" light softly illuminates. This is modeled after the Japanese culture of sprinkling water in front of a home to welcome guests.
At night, care is taken not to illuminate the area where one might be barefoot. The light is gently faded out with a gradient.
It’s the little moments that make life more enjoyable.
As you approach the stairway passage, light illuminates with a soft glow, gently suggesting, "Please, watch your step."

2021 / Tokyo

Architectural Design: Kooo Architects

Lighting Design: DAISUKI LIGHT

Photography: Akito Goto


*Received a “Special Citation” at the IES Illumination Awards 2022